Death & Taxes

by Cadavers

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released September 11, 2016

Music, Lyrics & Artwork by Cadavers
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Damn Good Studios in Sheffield, 2016

Cash Norcliffe - Vocals
Jim Parmenter - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Cook - Bass
Adam Cain - Drums, Programming, Vocals



all rights reserved


Cadavers Sheffield, UK

Steel City PUNX

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Track Name: Fashion Kills
You have nothing to wear
You need a new design
What a fucking crime
Now you can’t decide
And someone spilt wine
On your favourite fur coat
Same red colour as the blood it was soaked in

You went out to spend all the money you saved
On fresh new materials
Such a fashion slave
No, real fashion slaves are working the machines
For pennies a day
They’re living on the streets because...

Fashion Kills
Violence, cruelty, exploitation, slavery
Fashion kills
Suicide, vanity, cocaine, amphetamine

You read their magazines
You watch their fashion shows
Hate your reflection
Stick a finger down your throat
Then next thing you know
There’s a wire in your nose
Superficial industry manipulating you

Doesn’t he look so good on the catwalk
Doesn’t she look so good on the catwalk
Don’t they look so good on the catwalk
It’s so fucking good on the catwalk but...
Track Name: Cold World
People killing everyday
People dying everyday
War and famine
Death and decay
Human nature
Malignant disease
We don’t care
About The violence
State of blissful ignorance
Armed by Western governments

Cold fucking world

Industrial powers
Destroying the earth
Human extinction
What we deserve
What good is power when there’s nothing left?
Civilisation meaningless

Cold fucking world

Business men in politics
The privileged few
The filthy rich
Look after their own
Take from the poor
Worked to death
Disposable pawns
There’s no future
Dissolve all faith
Time to end the human race
Time to face the consequence of a
Parasitic existence

Cold fucking world
Track Name: Death & Taxes
Your government hates you
They want you die
Don’t wanna educate you
They want you to die
They wanna control you
And keep you in line
Twisted media
Single hive mind

Death and taxes

Rich politicians only care for themselves
The deadbeat crooks don’t wanna share the wealth
They’ll throw you to the jackals
Make you fend for yourself
A needle in your arm
To escape from this hell

Death and Taxes

Do you feel broken?
Do you feel hopeless?
We’re only servants
For the vultures

Your government hates you
They want you die
Don’t wanna educate you
They want you to die
Class divide and poverty
Foundations of their society
Track Name: Hole
Why is everyone staring at me?
Could it be that I’m making a scene?
Colours bleed pleasantly in my visual field
I don’t care if they stare
Cause it’s making me feel (good)

Maybe I shouldn’t’ve done this
Maybe I shouldn’t’ve I know
Maybe I shouldn’t’ve done this
But I’ve done this
And now I’m stuck in a hole

Human waste
Tooth decay
A bad taste on my tongue
The insects eat me flesh
As I lay in the sun
A dead brain ain’t the same
I can’t figure it out
Well who put this black leather boot in my mouth?
I can’t figure it out

Excuse me son…
What have I done?
I’ve done nothing wrong!
Don’t take me away

Don’t take me back to the cell
I am not a criminal
I am a professional
Yes I am a professional
I don’t deserve the iron bars
I know what my human rights are
Yes I confess I took it all!
I’ll walk it off
Track Name: Social Lobotomy
I don’t wanna work too hard
But I can’t afford a car
I just want a taste of the finer things
Like a television star
I am an addict
I am a square eyes
Brainwashed by TV
I don’t wanna live a real life
I want to live in reality

I wanna go to a red carpet affair
I wanna live like royalty
Please take me to a red carpet affair
Fortune, fame and celebrity

Soon I’ll be toast of the town
The spotlight is on me
I’ll fill my face with silicon
And I’ll age disgracefully
I wanna feel like a big jack in all black
Red carpet affairs
Well you say I’m just a cultureless down ‘n’ out
So I could make it anywhere

Track Name: Weekend Warrior
I don’t wanna work now
My brain’s checked out
Every day the same thing
It’s boring, monotony
Victim of the system
Crushing me slowly
Wasting precious seconds
Now I’m looking forward to death

Another worker drone
Another worker drone
A mindless member of the hoard
With no will of my own
The only thing that keeps me loose
Is drug and alcohol abuse
I’ll have you a fight in my dancing shoes

Weekend warrior

I just want some cheap thrills
Cheap booze, cheap girls
Purveyor of the bar scene
No dignity
I’ll have these pills with a sip of beer
Another round mate?
Good idea!
Are you having a good time?
Wash away the vomit and you’ll be fine
Pupils start to dilate
Increasing heart rate
Sympathetic master
I asked her “come home with me?”
And without hesitation
And no explanation
She kicked me to the curb
Oh I can’t wait to do it again next week
Track Name: Old Glory
Another massacre today in the news
Another needless slaughter
A maniac opens fire on the crowd
Innocent people dead on the ground
So who’s to blame?
Not the NRA
Who opposes control?
Every household
A killing machine

Guns in the USA
I don’t feel safe without the...
I don’t feel free without the...
I can’t kill you without the...

A whole nation brainwashed
War and murder romanticised
Patriot you must lay down your life
For the sacred bill of rights
Is that the American dream?
To breed cold-blooded killers
Bleed for the stars and stripes
Finger ready to pull the trigger
Pull the trigger.
Track Name: Separation
I’ve got a feeling it’s leaving me
A prisoner of reality
And it’s spreading like a chill to my bones
Violent messages when I’m alone
I’m alone

I’m paranoid
I’m paranoid
I fall further into the dark
I’m paranoid
I’m paranoid
I sink deeper into the void
I’m paranoid
I’m paranoid
My humanity falling apart
I’m paranoid
I’m paranoid
I sink deeper into the void

I got a feeling they’re watching me
A prisoner of this reverie
The voices whisper inside of my head:
"Can’t trust the pills because they wanted you dead"
Am I dead?
I’m alone
Track Name: Indifference
I am selfish
I am shallow
I have no feelings
It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t mean anything

I am angry and unkind
In this bitter head of mine
I don’t impress you
Well so what?
Never mind

I don’t care

I am dishonest
I am a liar
I am a waste of space
It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t mean anything
I am a bad seed
A parasite
And I will rot you inside
It doesn’t give me any satisfaction
Are you satisfied?

I don’t care

You’re talking to yourself
I’m not listening
Why don’t you bother someone else?
I’m not listening
Track Name: Primitive State
Mindless idiots
Ignorant fools
Absent minds procreate
Useless gene pool
Social media
End of us all
Worshiping stupidity
Minus all thought

The modern world is killing me
Prehistoric ideas
Reptilian brains
Devolution of mankind
Back to a primitive state
Primitive state
Primitive state

Fucking moronic bigoted loudmouths
Screaming injustice
Scum of the earth
Inciting hatred, racism, violence
Hysterical minds
Conditioned at birth
Invisible borders
So precious, protected
From fictional invaders
Defenceless civilians
Fleeing from war
How selfish and senseless
“Send ‘em all back,
Defend what is ours”
Track Name: In-Crowding
I don’t mean to offend you
You’re so precious
So delicate
You’re always ahead of the trend
Straight–edge, vegan
Whatever that means

I don’t want to offend you
I’m ignorant
A nihilist
I heard you write poetry
You are such a creative
A creative
A creative

I just wanted to send you
A picture of a polaroid
A polaroid of you and I
A creative
A creative
So boring
So boring
So boring

You’re so cool
I don’t wanna be like you