Fashion Kills

from by Cadavers





You have nothing to wear
You need a new design
What a fucking crime
Now you can’t decide
And someone spilt wine
On your favourite fur coat
Same red colour as the blood it was soaked in

You went out to spend all the money you saved
On fresh new materials
Such a fashion slave
No, real fashion slaves are working the machines
For pennies a day
They’re living on the streets because...

Fashion Kills
Violence, cruelty, exploitation, slavery
Fashion kills
Suicide, vanity, cocaine, amphetamine

You read their magazines
You watch their fashion shows
Hate your reflection
Stick a finger down your throat
Then next thing you know
There’s a wire in your nose
Superficial industry manipulating you

Doesn’t he look so good on the catwalk
Doesn’t she look so good on the catwalk
Don’t they look so good on the catwalk
It’s so fucking good on the catwalk but...


from Death & Taxes, released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Cadavers Sheffield, UK

Steel City PUNX

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